Nowadays, Serbian stock investment is hot.

Currently, the Republic of Serbia is looking for a cheap corporate tax Many companies centered on European IT ventures have based in the Republic of Serbia. That also affected the Economic growth that was in the -1.83% range in 2014, It has improved year by year with 0.76% in 2015 and 4% in 2018.

The government sees this as an opportunity to revitalize the economy, To create an environment in which venture companies can easily raise funds In 2019, IPO (new listing) requirements (conditions) will be greatly reduced, We plan to create an environment where many companies are listed and it is easy to raise funds. By investing in IT ventures with a large future growth I think we can expect a big return.

What is Serbia?

The Republic of Serbia is one of the countries on the continent of Europe, with “Hungary / Romania” in the north and Bulgaria in the east.

Originally it was a big country called Yugoslavia, but Yugoslavia collapsed from 1991 to 1992 when the current Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia became independent.

In 1992, the remaining Yugoslavia was formed in Serbia and Montenegro. In 2003, the name was changed to Serbia and Montenegro.

However, on June 3, 2006, Montenegro declared independence, and on June 5, 2006, Serbia declared that it was a successor to Serbia and Montenegro. That is the current Republic of Serbia.

The Republic of Serbia, where there have been various events in the last 20 years, from the division of the country to the division, has now moved from chaos to stability, and the country is now on the stage of growing.

Data of Republic of Serbia

Area 77,474 square kilometers (almost the same as Hokkaido)
Population 7.2 million (in 2017)
Capital Belgrade (population 1.64 million)
CRS (Common Reporting Standard) Non-membership (Data from April 01, 2019)
GDP (Gross Domestic Product) 41.43 billion USD (in 2017)
Economic growth rate 4.0%(in 2018)
Corporate tax 15%(Data from April 01, 2019)
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Stock market in the Republic of Serbia

Currently, the global stock index is

  • ・ American Dow is25929(Data from March 29, 2019)
  • ・ The British FTSE100 is7279(Data from March 29, 2019)
  • ・ The Nikkei average in Japan is21206(Data from March 29, 2019)

As you can see it is high stock prices worldwide.

However, the Serbian stock index Blex15 is
732.92(Data from March 29, 2019)
The market is cheaper than the global stock price.

* The Serbian stock index
exceeded 3200 in 2007 before the the financial crisis in 2008.


However ..

Since the stock market in Serbia is cheaper, it can be said that IT ventures can expect growth If you become a venture company in an emerging country, the risk is very high. While 1 million yen invested may have increased by 20 or 30 times in 5 years, After 5 years, 1 million yen may be reduced to 1/2 or 1/5 This is a stock investment in Serbia.

But the risk can be greatly reduced

Time deposits with banks in Georgia Investment combined
with Serbian stock investment


Make a time deposit
at the largest bank
in Georgia

If the rate of deposit for a bank in Georgia is denominated in the currency of Georgia
Annual interest rate of 10.10% (Data from April 2019) can be received.

That means, By exchanging 1 million yen for the currency of Georgia and making a time deposit, you can receive a lari equivalent of about 100,000 yen annually.


The interest received is
to a securities account in Serbia

Georgia Bank time deposit rates are It is possible to receive monthly interest, so if you do that,
you can receive an interest rate of 8300 Yen every month.

Then Turn to Serbian stock investment
from money you get.


Invest in Serbian stock
at the interest rate received

One million yen of self-funding cannot be used for risky investments.
But If this 1 million yen overflows,
even if you fail in stock investment own funds will not be lost.

About banks in the Republic of Serbia

Serbian banks supported by Beograd Consulting Group The Serbian government holds 42.6% and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development holds 25%. It becomes a common government bank. According to the audited consolidated annual financial report for 2017, the company has 3,106 employees The annual net profit was 69.79 million euros. The market capitalization as of 22 March 2019 is EUR 39.25 million.

Management fee

Bank Account : Administration fee is 1.6 euros per month
This includes debit card management fees.
Securities account : Management fee is free

Payoff system

The Republic of Serbia has a payoff system that protects deposits in the event of a bank failure, and there is no limit on the amount of deposits that can be protected. (The deposit is fully protected.)

Support system of
Beograd Consulting Group

Support system of Beograd Consulting Group

Beograd Consulting Groupのサポート体制

Beograd Consulting Group is a support company between the Republic of Serbia and investors. Beograd Consulting Group provides support in Japanese from bank troubles to stock orders. In addition, the Beograd Consulting Group can apply for a payoff when a bank fails.


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